Welcome to www.thyrex.fr

Hi and welcome !

My name is Franck and i’m a gamer for many years (started on Unreal Tournament).

I’m now mostly playing on the Battlefield games. You can join me and my friends on our platoons and also on my teamspeak server.

We garantee a lot of fun, teamplay and laugh 😀 Do not hesitate to add me on Battlelog, follow on twitter.

See ya on the battlefield !

BEAST: a Battlefield 3 montage

Here is the new montage. As usual, this is not made to make you think i’m the best or anything like this. This is just a “best of”. Of course i miss a lot of rpg shots, but sometimes, when concentrated and luck is with me…. 😀
The name of the movie was taken just because one time Jarhead616 said “You’re a beast Franck” 🙂

Music: Celldweller – Razorface